On Monday, November 14, 2022, the CRIMIGRACAT Project (Gendered crimmigration discourse and practices: Catalan case and multilevel governance potential), funded by L’Institut Català Internacional per la Pau, hosted a hybrid-format conference at the Casa de la Convalescència in Barcelona from 12:00-14.

Entitled “Gendered and intersectional discrimination: what role do crimmigration practices and discourses play?” the event invited speakers whose work has informed the project, and project researchers also offered some preliminary findings for their feedback. The event was attended by the research community and members of civil society, and was followed by a lunch to continue discussion and engagement.

From left to right: Dr. Gabriela Poblet, Dr. Cecilia Estrada, Dr. Cristina Rodríguez, Vice Dean Susana Beltrán, and Dr. Colleen Boland

After project lead Dr. Colleen Boland (UAB) offered an initial welcome and introduction to the CRIMIGRACAT Project, Dr. Susana Beltrán, also a member of the project, and Vice Dean of Dual Degrees, International Outreach and Communication of the UAB’s Faculty of Law, proceeded to moderate. The panel kicked off with Dr. Iker Barbero, Associate Professor at the University of the Basque Country’s Department of Administrative and Constitutional Law and Legal Philosophy, who virtually presented his current work on “A framework for the study of criminalization of migrants’ rights activists.”

Dr. Iker Barbero (upper right) presents.

In following, Dr. Cecilia Estrada of Comillas Pontifica University (ICAI-ICADE), where she serves as Director of the Chair on Refugees and Forced Migration, offered her insights in the talk “Is the press complicit? The migrant imaginary in the media.” Dr. Cristina Rodríguez Reche of the INMIX Research Group at UAB’s Social and Cultural Anthropology Department then spoke to “Gender, religion and migration: analysing stigma from an intersectional perspective.” Dr. Gabriela Poblet Denti, Researcher of the EMIGRA-CER-Migration Group and Associate Professor UAB’s UAB’s Social and Cultural Anthropology Department followed with her presentation, “Irregularity, informality and gender: the case of women migrants in domestic work.”

Dr. Colleen Boland then presented on the CRIMIGRACAT project’s framework and insights from interviews with women refugees and asylum-seekers conducted in collaboration with the Open Cultural Center, which was represented at the event by Emma Santanach and Marta Hormaechea. Doctoral candidate Dévika Pérez (University of Cadiz) of the CRIMIGRACAT project concluded with initial observations on the project’s media analysis, before all panelists took part in a fruitful debate.

Dr. Cristina Blasi and doctoral candidate Daniel Morente also form part of the project and contributed to the work presented. The CRIMIGRACAT project is hosted at the UAB’s Institut Universitari d’Estudis Europeus. Please follow this link if you wish to view the full recording of the event.