“Gendered crimmigration discourse and practices: Catalan case and multilevel governance potential” (CRIMIGRACAT, ref: ICI01521_00003/2021) seeks to better understand the gendered effects of crimmigration (the confluence of migration and criminal law) discourse and practices in Catalonia, contextualizing it necessarily within the wider national context, as well as relating it to EU frameworks, policies and possibilities. It is funded by the Institut Català Internacional per la Pau (ICIP) through December 2022.

Given the gap in global scholarship on women migrants’ encounters with crimmigration phenomena, this can shed further light on women’s rights violations, within the understanding that select gendered crimmigration processes constitute violence against women, as well. In mapping out the Catalan case, the project will identify Catalonia’s role within multilevel Spanish migration and integration policy and implementation, as well as its relationship with the EU, noting any potential impact of civil society and local governance efforts. Recent Catalan societal attitudes and political and media crimmigration narratives regarding women migrants will also be examined. Finally, it will incorporate views of migrant women themselves as key in understanding lived experiences of crimmigration. Ultimately, an analysis as to the impact of local contexts and governance in either shaping, counterbalancing or combatting both state crimmigration procedures and political or media crimmigration discourse will be presented. This will be linked to insights as to local configurations that can influence gendered crimmigration phenomena, even beyond the Catalan context.

Project Members:

  • Colleen Boland
  • Cristina Blasi
  • Daniel Morente
  • Susana Beltran

Partner organisation: Open Cultural Center