Today the Director of Barcelona Center for European Studies, Mr. Javier Arregui, has given a seminar on the the impact of the European Union (EU) system of governance on thirteen Spanish public policies over the last four decades. The seminar has taken place in the Sala de Grados of the Faculty of law and it has been co-organised by both the Institute of European Studies and the EUPOL Jean Monnet Chair.

During the session, Mr Arregui has focused on those public policies that provide an extensive sample of the public policies currently made in Spain, covering regulatory, distributive, economic and foreign policies. In the seminar explored the extent to which the EU has raised to a distinctively EU vision in Spanish public policies that have increasingly shaped a new political order. Mr Arregui has identified the most relevant mechanisms of Europeanisation that drive policy change and uncover the inputs, processes and outputs that have helped configure new patterns of governance in Spain. Furthermore, he has distinguished the elements of continuity and change that have shaped public policies in Spain. This seminar has certainly helped students understand the foundation of public policies that have been established and developed in Spain in the latest decades.