This work presents the history of the Catalan Council of the European Movement (CCME) on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its foundation in 1949.

The history of the CCME is explained in the context in which different events took place in Europe and Catalonia from the origins until today.

The evolution of the CCME is the result of these events, which began with its foundation in Paris of the International European Movement, after the Second World War. The difficult years of exile from its founders and the dictatorship in Spain are also described, passing through its implantation in Catalonia of the democracy, and to this day. All this contains, in addition to the history of the CCME, a significant Catalan contribution to Europeanism.

The work, written by Nuria Miguel, belongs to a team effort coordinated by Jordi Bacaria, and it also includes important contributions from members of the CCME; Thanks to their personal testimony it has been possible to reconstruct part of this history that was not recorded in previous documentary collections.

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