L’Institut d’Estudis Europeus (IEE) has obtained a Jean Monnet module, from the Erasmus+ project, for the excellence training about the European Union. The module, is free and is addressed for master and doctorate students. It can be done by specific sessions, it is divided in 14 sessions and will take place from September 10th, until October 2nd at the Sala of Juntes of the Faculty of Law.

The module is presented by researchers and international academics experts in the European Union.

The action Jean Monnet “Euconas” was achieved by the researcher Cristina Blasi. The module is addressed preferably for master and doctorate students of social science, but it is open for students from all subjects.

Apart from giving a general introductory vision of the EU, the course offers seminars about specific policies such: economy, sustainability, gender and research and innovation. In this sessions, we will also examine the current issues that the EU is facing, as for example the consequences of Brexit, the refugee crisis or the euroscepticism.

Jean Monnet actions for the excellence training
Jean Monnet actions are part of the Erasmus+ project aimed to boost the excellence education in European Union studies around the world. Its objective is to build bridges between universities, researchers and politics of the EU. The obtainment of a Jean Monnet Module is a competitive process between researchers from around the world.

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Web: www.euconas.es