The CRIMIGRACAT Project (Gendered crimmigration discourse and practices: Catalan case and multilevel governance potential) is a one-year project funded by L’Institut Català Internacional per la Pau, conducted by researchers at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and its Institut Universitari d’Estudis Europeus. It seeks to better understand aspects of gendered and intersectional disadvantage in the dynamics of “crimmigration”—or those migration processes, norms and discourses that criminalize both migrants and immigration itself—in Catalonia.

Given identified gaps in the literature, it particularly focuses on the perspectives of those women affected by crimmigration dynamics, and in this seminar will share insights to date from interviews with asylum-seeker and migrant women originating from Venezuela and Syria and residing in Catalonia. In order to better understand the spaces that these women negotiate, it also offers work so far in the project’s textual analysis of Catalonian media, examined for any narratives or sense of sociopolitical climate relevant in crimmigration dynamics.

In presenting the Catalonian context, these phenomena can be grounded in a local reality, which at the same time relates to legal pluralism, multiple actors, as well as the global or transnational sphere. For this reason, the project adopts a multi-scalar perspective, and has invited scholars to share comparative research under the seminar theme “Gendered and intersectional discrimination: what role in crimmigration rhetoric and practices?” As the CRIMIGRACAT Project remains ongoing, benefit from the feedback of these colleagues. The seminar will take place on Monday 14 November from 12:00 to 14:15 CET.

The conference takes place at the UAB’s Casa Convalescencia in Aula 08, located at C/ de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 171, 08041 Barcelona, as well as virtually. For virtual attendance, please contact